Eat the cherries up! Tap into online gamers with Google In-Game Ads

Posted by tom klein October 9, 2008

Where the users go . . . advertisers are sure to follow. And web users just want to have fun.

The new Google advertising vertical – Google In-Game Advertising – gives advertisers of all sizes an opportunity to target the online gaming community through a choice of integrated video, text overlay, and image advertising. In-Game video ads appear before, within, between, or after game play, and if you’ve dabbled with Google TV (or have existing content from off-line video advertising), you can reuse it here as well. When you consider how many gamers there are, plugging into gaming can help a marketer put a brand messages in front of some key target segments (see benefits).

Google has partnered with many game companies – PlayFish, Mochi Media, Demand Media and Konami. The latter being responsible for popular games like Frogger and Dance Dance Revolution. While market research indicates most gamers are unopposed to the idea of advertising, Google and its partners are taking steps to ensure the gaming experience is not disturbed (i.e. the idea here is to appeal to, not perturb these audiences). Google will even help brands partner with specific games for product placement opportunities and promotions.

Not to discourage the little guy though. Self-managed advertisers have access to the same platform and resources. In-game is part of your AdWords account (yes, the same one you might use for your pay-per-click search ad campaigns).

No mystery here - because it's a Google product, advertisers receive the same detailed analytics and reporting as the other Adwords ad vehicles.

Web-based gaming applications have cropped up all over social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace, and Google In-Game gives you access to these hot commodities as well.


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