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Posted by tom klein June 25, 2007

Just because you’re targeting gamers, it doesn’t mean that you have to create your own game (as we described in Fish where the fish are ) to reach them. You can just partner with a game software company to create an add-on to an existing game.

Just ask NissanForza Motorsport 2, the next generation of a popular auto racing game, comes out this summer for Microsoft’s Xbox 360. While the game features a number of different cars to race, participants in a Nissan promotion will receive an extra car in their garage, a souped-up Nissan Sentra SE – R. By partnering with a game developer, such as ID or Electronic Arts (or many others), you can insert your brand right into the gamer world.

Given the number of games and gaming consoles, your ability to interact with gamers is really only limited by your imagination. Have you thought about opportunities to partner with existing game titles to make game related marketing more affordable?

Both gaming companies and console makers have embraced the idea of introducing branded components to their games. It represents a great way for them to introduce advertising and product placement into an electronic setting (and link to a website or a transaction).  Microsoft (both a console maker and a game maker) went so far as to create a special set of development tools called "XNA," - making it much easier to develop Xbox 360 console games and add-ons.

First, consider what games are the ones that are popular with your target. All gamers are not created equal. Thanks to the Nintendo Wii, gaming isn't just for young males anymore. Focus on helping consumers use or integrate your product in an appropriate context. Finally, in all cases, remember one thing. It's a game. Whatever you do should add to the experience - not be wallpaper lost in the blur.


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