Why buy the cow? Turn assets into rental revenue with Zilok

Posted by tom klein December 17, 2007

Every time you buy an asset, you’re adding to the capital base on which you have to earn a return. If you’re looking to make sure you’re getting the most out of every asset, now you have a new opportunity beyond your current business.

Zilok is a rental service that allows people to connect online and rent things out for a simple daily rate. Think of it as eBay but for rentals. Users enter into their own rental contracts and arrange the item hand-off. Similar to Ebay, Zilok also runs off of a basic search engine and offers a community forum for gathering ratings and feedback. Features like a built-in map and an item availability calendar help users manage the rental process. Currently, Zilok only offers a handful of items in a few cities, but the site is growing.

If you want to turn any of your company’s assets into more revenue, here’s a good way to do it. It may be too early, depending on where you live. Stay on top of this site if you think you’re a good candidate.

Registering for Zilok and renting items is currently free. However, the site will likely take a cut of the action as soon as the site has generated enough interest and transactions - sometime in 2008.

Remember that you might not be aware of the assets you actually have, so this idea might be best passed along to your office manager or maybe the person who runs your warehouse. Revenue is revenue, so don’t leave money on the table.


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