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Posted by tom klein May 29, 2008

Every market has its “lighthouse customers” – those that are going to be out ahead of all of the others (and ideally the ones that will show everyone else the way). The challenge – how do you find them?

One easy way is to submit your product to ThisNext. It’s a community of people who are such enthusiastic shoppers that they want to tell the world about their latest purchase – ranging from what’s a good baby gift to where should you buy tires. The site lets its users engage in shopcasting – a combination of shopping and broadcasting.

In any case, if you are looking to introduce your product to potential buyers, you can submit your product to the site and they will consider sharing it with their mavens (their most enthusiastic shoppers and reviewers).

This is an easy way to engage in some targeted sampling that may help give your new product a little more oomph in the marketplace.

Another interesting aspect of this site - you can view what's hot in different cities. Maybe you'd rather stay on top of trends in Tokyo, not Peoria.

When it comes to building buzz for your new product or new brand, building positive word of mouth with influential shoppers (often by sampling) can have an outsized influence on the success of your launch - don't leave it out of your plan.


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  1. Great for marketing your *unique* product to a wider audience. (think knitted-laptop covers or New York Metro token cufflinks) Also makes holiday shopping easier - for those who have wishlists. J.R. posted on

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