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Posted by tom klein October 5, 2007

As we discussed in itsy-bitsy, the web presents a remarkable array of possibilities for using new approaches to merchandising. In the same way, it presents new ways for you to think about how you might help your customers compare competitive products.

oSkope can give you an idea of what’s possible. In the same way that Progressive Auto Insurance lets you comparison shop in one place, so does oSkope show you how you can help customers comparison shop. Only in this case, they let you “shop” across Amazon, eBay, Flickr and YouTube. Give it a try and one word you’ll use to describe experience is . . . fun.

By intersecting convenience and comparison-shopping, oSkope should give you an idea of how you might set yourself apart from the rest of the pack.

How are services like this possible? Many of the large sites (including Amazon and eBay) have created an application programming interface (API) that let you source and integrate their content in your own site.

At each step in a customer’s brand experience, you have an opportunity to distinguish yourself. If you think that your customers are going to comparison shop anyways, why not help them do it, so you can make sure that at least your offering is considered.


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