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Posted by tom klein November 29, 2007

We live in a service economy, but e-commerce seems so far to be restricted to companies who sell stuff – not services. Every invoice, whether it’s for pest control or custodial engineering, presents an opportunity to join the party.

If you manage a service company, consider using Freshbooks to let your customers view invoices and pay online. If your current version of invoicing is to write up a word document and email it, you’re going to be in for a treat. You can sign up for free (to try it out with just a few clients). Set up a client, create a custom invoice (really just upload your logo), and then you’re off and running. You can create an invoice in a matter of minutes. Then the fun stuff begins.

When your client receives the invoice (by email), he/she can follow a link to view it on your custom site (customized with your colors and logo). Once there, they can pay with a simple click of a button. The system lets you configure your system to receive payment via a long list of e commerce gateways (e.g., Paypal,

If you’re looking to use every customer interaction to differentiate yourself from the other guy, here’s an easy way to do it that your customers will love.

In addition to creating an online client center to review invoices (and all past invoices) and estimates, Freshbooks can also help you manage time tracking. For those companies who need to track time and then turn around and bill for it, Freshbooks brings everything together.

Building a brand requires vigilance over every single interaction with prospects and customers. Don’t make the mistake of being a company whose front door is super slick, but when it comes down to blocking and tackling, you fail to make the grade.


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