Swim with the piranhas Create a targeted e-commerce micro-site with Amazon webstore

Posted by tom klein October 10, 2007

Sales on the Internet are expected to reach $116 billion this year, or 5 percent of all retail sales. With so many products being sold on the web, and so many stores, it can be hard to really stand out in the crowd.

One potential way is to use Amazon’s webstore to create a micro-site to sell your unique products. For a price of $60 per month and a charge of 7% of sales, you can create an unlimited number of stores – perhaps carrying special products or even unique brands. Instead of making your shopper scan through inventory, you can create a focused store through the combination of a targeted website domain (sorry, bigdogbeds is taken, but groovydogshoes.com is available), search optimization and a search ad campaign.

These webstores can be created in a matter of minutes and may be just the secret to growing sales, especially for your unique, hard-to-find products. Do you have a product or brand that’s so special that it deserves a store of its own?

Unlike some of their previous services, Amazon’s webstore lets you create an e-commerce operation that looks the way you want (your site doesn’t have to look like what is now universally recognized as Amazon’s three column design).

If you don’t have a unique brand, how about a great place to sell seconds or your equivalent of “scratch and dent” merchandise. Here’s a fun example - the Jelly Belly Outlet, where they sell jelly beans that didn’t turn out like beans. Rejects are called . . . belly flops.


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