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Posted by tom klein January 18, 2008

So many service companies think that e-commerce just isn’t relevant for them. Not true. Your company may be expert in the production of electronic assets and need an easy way to sell online … and then download.

E-junkie is a service that lets you sell downloadable merchandise directly from your website. Just about any electronic media is fair game, with no bandwidth limitations. E-junkie stores your files on their secure server. When a buyer makes a purchase (e-junkie provides an integrated “fat free” shopping cart), they are routed to a payment processor, like paypal or google checkout . When the transaction is completed, the processor pings the e-junkie server, which notifies both the buyer and the seller via email, and and starts the download process. Voila! Buyers get their merchandise instantly, with very little effort on your part.

Are you sitting on electronic assets (reports, research, software) that might earn a few dollars? What’s the risk in hanging it out there for sale?

What does all this cost? E-Junkie charges based on the number of products you sell and the storage you need. This system charges a monthly subscription fee (starting as low as $5) but no bandwidth or per transaction fees.

So much of self-publishing assumes one simple thing - it’s usually going to be for free (such as … this article). However, this tool can help you turn articles, research, poems, artwork, or just crazy rants into dollars. See their self-publishing guides for some ideas about how to get going.


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