Price check on aisle five Reduce shopping cart abandonment with Google Checkout

Posted by tom klein November 12, 2007

When you’re good or lucky enough to have someone decide to buy something from you, the last thing you want to do is make them wait around.

Google Checkout can help you close the deal … fast. This offering from the search giant doesn’t really do everything that the online payment leader Paypal does (see You’re so money). However, it shines when it comes to getting people checked out quickly. Checking out takes place in just two simple web pages, limiting second-guessing. Also, the system gives you smart assurances, such as “You can still make changes to your order on the next page.” Setting up is very easy to do – simply provide your company information (including bank account), copy the code provided, and paste it onto your site. The service is free for the remainder of 2007. Even better, while there will be transaction fees in 2008, they’re partially offset by your investment in Google’s search ads.

Are all of your buyers making it all the way to checkout? If not, there’s no risk in giving them a speedier option.

Speedy collection is just as important for non-profits looking for donations. Google Checkout will remain free for non-profit organizations at least through 2008, a great way to make sure that donations go even further.

It’s important to note that by integrating the Google Checkout into your site or into your search ads, you benefit from the power of their brand. Potential buyers, who hesitate to provide their email and credit card information to small companies, may be persuaded to buy if it’s Google executing the transaction.


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