Pick a P, any P Outsource e-commerce fulfillment with Shipwire

Posted by tom klein March 12, 2008

We might be biased, but we tend to think that all of the fun in e-commerce is in the marketing and selling – not putting stuff in boxes and handing them off to the guys in brown. Or whatever color you prefer.

That’s why a company like Shipwire can be so helpful. If you sell something online, they can help handle all of the warehousing and shipping. That way, you can focus on things like optimizing for search, improving your merchandise and merchandising, and even investing your time and effort in marketing. To get things going, first you arrange for your inventory to be sent to one of their warehouses (there are several). Then, once you’ve integrated with their service, when you close a deal on your site, they will handle the processing and shipping. So, is there any catch?

Nope. Unlike many other services, all you have to do is pay a monthly fee for storage, and then a per item fee for shipping. Do you want to sell something, but not deal with the hassle? Here’s how.

Want to see how it works? You can take them up on their offer of a free trial. You can see how their system works by having them handle the warehousing and shipping for 6 of your items.

There’s something that’s maybe even more important than having someone else handle warehousing and shipping. By spreading your inventory across multiple locations, this service can also reduce the time your customers wait for delivery. That might even be worth paying more for.


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