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Posted by tom klein December 14, 2007

You don’t have to leave search up to the big players. There’s an emerging class of search tools that are more targeted and easier to use.

Getitnext represents how a custom search tool can add value to a site that has a lot of content. In this case, the site in question is eBay. Getitnext clears out the extraneous, and often erroneous, items that pop up in traditional eBay search results. Users are presented with more accurate results and incentives like real-time auction countdowns and shipping-included cost. The Find a Deal feature serves up prime items with zero bids and less than 4 hours remaining in auction, essentially doing the legwork for the customers in search of a deal.

Consider partnering or (for you big guys) building a custom search that makes it easier for your customers to find you, shop, and then buy. Auto dealers would be a good example.

This search tool simply puts eBay’s API to work to deliver better, easier to understand results in front of potential buyers. This targeted search should also serve as a potent advertisement for how offering an open API to your online market or software can create value for your customers (and maybe an acquisition target).

Remember, in this day, driving search results is becoming closer and closer to what’s also called merchandising. If you can ensure that customers and prospects can get at the information they want, you’ll go a long way toward closing the deal.


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