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Posted by tom klein November 1, 2007

While price promotions can be the dangerous third rail of marketing, they can be enormously useful for so many things – inducing trial of a new product, filling the cupboard before your competitor launches a product, or maybe just getting rid of stuff that you produced just too much of.

Now you can publicize your promotions to web buyers with Mpire. It’s a shopping search engine that also pulls together promotions from across the web into one simple site. For example, if you’re looking to buy a HDTV and want to see who might be holding a promotion, this is the place. A consumer can simply enter HDTV as a search term and see what special deals are available from across the web. If you’re having a special promotion for anything, here’s a free way to publicize it and drive traffic to your site.

Just choose post a deal and add the information about your promotion. There – now you can take the rest of the day off as Mpire’s users can find your special deal and drive sales.

Mpire brings a lot more to the table. If you search under the “shop” section for an HDTV, it will show you the prices on a wide array of different brands and even help you understand the pricing trend. Everyone wants to know if they should buy now or later.

Don’t underestimate the power of promotion to keep your users interested and engaged in your business. While it’s important to avoid training your buyers to expect promotions, don’t hesitate to wield them to keep things interesting and to keep your customers coming back to you.


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