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Posted by tom klein October 12, 2007

Loyalty seems to be the exclusive domain of man’s best friend, not customers. There are so many advertisements, so many temptations. Then there’s the natural inclination for customers to be a bit … promiscuous. What are you to do?

Why not let them subscribe to your product or service using Paypal’s subscription and recurring payments service? As you’ll see in this demo, all you need to do is define the parameters of your subscription (provide a name, a duration, and a billing cycle), choose or create your own customer subscription button, then publish it on your site. This system will take care of everything else: Accept credit card or bank account payments, and then maintain detailed transaction records of every subscription.

Here’s your chance to get creative about how you might use subscriptions. While of course traditional subscriptions are helpful for publications, don’t forget that you can subscribe to products (how about a toothbrush subscription … ) just as easily as you can subscribe to services (landscaping, cleaning, even … search marketing). Don’t you need to work harder to keep your customers in the fold?

For graduate school credit, PayPal also lets you create a customized button, generate key attributes dynamically, based on specific input from your customer (e.g. duration of subscription), and of course make it match the look and feel of your site.

It’s so easy to get trapped in that terrible cycle of investing to acquire customers and then watching them all leave out the back door in short order. Even if you can’t get your customers to subscribe to a for-pay service, you should consider using a blog, RSS feed, or email newsletter to keep the fires of interest (and buying) alive.


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