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Posted by tom klein September 13, 2007

For some categories of products or services, customers have been trained or conditioned to expect to receive it for free. This can often be the case with everything from software to the air pump at the gas station to, um, daresay what you’re reading right now. Even if the provider wants to charge a nominal sum, customers will revolt. Now there’s a tool for monetizing these prospects.

It’s called TrialPay. Take WinZip software as an example. It’s the software the zips and unzips files and we admit that we thought it was free. It’s not.

When people download the trial version, they’re invited to get a version for free when they try or buy any product from Winzip’s (really TrialPay’s) trusted partners. These partners are companies like Gap, eBay, Lancome, and Blockbuster. So, what sort of thing to do you need to try or buy to get this handy software? In this example, there are 94 different potential offers, including things like applying for a credit card at Citi, paying for a $10 AAA card, or even just signing up for a trial of eFax.

Everyone wins. Customers get WinZip software for free. TrialPay partners get new prospects or customers. Winzip gets paid. And, of course, TrialPay gets a few points in the deal as well. If you’re selling something that’s tough to charge for, this is the system for you.

The other side of the coin may be of equal interest, serving as an advertiser - a company that provides offers or money in exchange for new users or legitimate prospects. Trial Pay promises no set up fees, no development time, and virtually no work - with the system set up within a day. What do you have to lose?

If you’re selling a product that’s relevant around the world, TrialPay can help you address the earning gap. If you want to sell your software in Ecuador, but can’t exactly charge the equivalent of a week’s salary, this system provides an option that gets you paid and helps you manage the differences in purchasing power (select global payments) across borders. Que bien!



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  1. TrialPay can also be used to pay for other things, such as memberships and "support our site" campaigns. Anywhere that you would see a "donate / PayPal" button, you could be using TrialPay. Visit our site for more information on that, plus a link to a list of over 140 products that you can get "free" through TrialPay, such as my own ClipMate. Chris Thornton posted on
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