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Posted by tom klein January 31, 2008

When you’re looking for a way to generate incremental revenue but don’t have much leeway to charge more for your products, what can you do?

Try creating a new stream of service revenue with Ether. It’s a simple system that lets you charge your customers when they call your Ether phone number. When you sign up, you indicate your rate (either by the hour or the minute). The service provides you with a free phone number / extension that you can then publish as part of your new service.

When customers call the number, they’re charged by the system. The system makes money by taking a 15% cut of what your customers pay.

Whether you want to turn your free customer service or support into a paid version or maybe want to add something special for a targeted segment, here’s an easy way to get into the service business in just a few minutes.

For an example of what you might accomplish with this service, take a look at Luminent Counseling, a counseling-and-therapy directory using Ether to handle paid phone sessions.

The secret to driving service revenue usually depends on your knowledge of your targeted segments. There are probably segments of your market that actually want to pay for a higher level of service. You may need to do some work to figure out which segment(s) those are.


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