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Posted by tom klein August 1, 2008

Shoppers are often weary of handing over their sensitive financial information to an online store. Even worse, so many companies are ill-equipped to really understand how to protect valuable customer information once they have it.

You can put your customers at ease by using a name they know and trust – Amazon. Checkout by Amazon gives private sellers the same e-commerce solution as the “big store”. Existing Amazon customers can use their Amazon accounts on your web site or the fast checkout feature, Amazon 1-click, which eliminates the hassle of filling out shipping and billing information. Checkout has tools for managing the purchasing process, including shipping, sales tax calculators and printable mailing labels.

In return for providing this array of services, Amazon collects a small percentage of the sale and a transaction fee. Technically, there are no software start-up costs, monthly charges, or contracts. Amazon only makes money when you do. Why don’t you give it a try?

1-Click ordering is automatically enabled for buyers who have turned on 1-Click in their account. Buyers can simply click the 1-Click button to place orders using the default shipping address and payment method on their account without leaving your website.

So many companies over-estimate their need for a full blown e-commerce solution. If you're wondering if you might be able to get a store up and running, the best idea is to start with something small to see if you'll be able to get enough people to close the deal. Once you've built some kind of following, then you can trade up to a more sophisticated solution.


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