On the dotted line Send, sign, track, and store contracts with EchoSign

Posted by tom klein November 13, 2008

There is only so much marketing can do to “sell” a product or service. Often, it comes down to the speed and acuity of your sales force to close the deal.

That’s where a service like EchoSign comes in handy. EchoSign is a web-based, signature workflow solution, which is really a fancy way of saying you can execute contracts digitally (and fast). EchoSign is part e-fax, part document repository, letting you send, sign, track, and store sales documents in a single system.

To get started, upload an electronic copy of your document to EchoSign. EchoSign supports Microsoft .doc & .xls, as well as text and PDF files. Then, enter the email address of the recipient(s) and click send. When your document arrives, they can e-sign instantly or print, sign, and fax back. EchoSign supplies a free fax number and special coversheet with your document. This coversheet contains a barcode, which EcoSign uses to route and store the document when it comes back to their system. When all parties have signed, EchoSign automatically sends a PDF copy to you, the signee, and your designated contact list (e.g. you may want to send a copy to the legal department or your assistant). The beauty of the system is you can always see the status of any document or quickly pull up a contract that has been executed and archived.

EchoSign offers free accounts for the occasional user and $29.95/month for unlimited sending and signing. However, the true value here is removing the obstacles that stand between you and that signature. The longer a contract lingers, the less chance you have of making the sale.

Greenies can see a real benefit with using EchoSign (maybe it should be eco-sign) - the entirely electronic operation eliminates the need for paper documents. Not to mention, you don't have to deal with the hassle of filing all these contracts.

Salesforce users can integrate EchoSign into their sales activities. This add-on solution lets you send client contracts and track their execution status from the Salesforce system. A PDF copy of the signed document is automatically attached to the Contact and the Opportunity.



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  1. If you think that is cool, check out DocuSign - www.DocuSign.com. A much better solution and used by lots more businesses. Faster, easier, and does everything! tjackson posted on
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