Me Tarzan, You Jane? Connect with customers on your site with Meebo rooms

Posted by tom klein May 13, 2008

Most customers have a simple question or two before they are ready to buy. If they don’t want to hunt for the answer on your web site, download a digital brochure, or call the 800 number, you are in trouble.

That’s where Meebo rooms come in handy. Meebo is a free, multi-media chat application that you can embed directly in your website or blog. It lets you talk one-on-one with your customers, addressing any questions they may have and engaging them during the purchasing process. To get started, go to the Meebo site and click “create a room”. The service will prompt you to name your room, give it a description, and personalize it with basic colors and icons. Once your room is created, you can chat directly on the Meebo site or generate the embed code for your site. Surprisingly, Meebo doesn’t require a user account and will do most of the grunt work for you (hosting, managing, and moderating the rooms).

There’s no such thing as being “too available” for your customers. You can easily run a Meebo chat room in the background as you go about your normal business and address customer concerns as they crop up. The very real and very immediate connection you will have with your customers may well be worth it.

Meebo offers a suite of products, but their core business is consolidating web chat into one application. You can integrate your AIM, Yahoo!, MSN, Google Talk, ICQ, and Jabber accounts into a Meebo chat without downloads or additional software.

Chat is one of the oldest community tools but, with widgetized services like Meebo, what’s old is new again. Think about the standard steps of your customer buying process - and no doubt chat can play a role in closing the deal, or just providing instant customer service even after the deal’s done.


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