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Posted by maggie.hunsucker August 6, 2009

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When it comes to sales pipelines, things are pretty black and white.  You’re either paying for an expensive CRM software or going old-school with the Excel spreadsheet.   There really isn’t much in between for the small-to-medium size business.

If you’re looking for a simple, hassle-free way to manage your deals, try PipeJump.  PipeJump is designed with the small guy in mind.  Leads are managed in an uncomplicated 4-step process:  Incoming, Qualified, Quote, and Closure.  For new leads, simply add the pertinent details (name, contact, scope, etc), and as the deal progresses, drag it to the next level.  You can also add notes and set follow-up reminders.

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PipeJump is an online application, so everything is visible/accessible by your staff.  At any time, you can pull reports to see all your deals, including sales/deals by client and owner.   You can also see where most of your deals are coming from and the reasons you are losing out.   PipeJump displays this information in easily-digestible charts and graphs.

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Let’s be honest, small companies and freelancers don’t have the time or manpower to meticulously update a database or spreadsheet.   Without an omniscient view of your business development activities and the potential revenue coming through the door, you’re operating in the dark.

Here’s a dead simple and pretty cheap way to manage your sales pipeline.  PipeJump packages start at $24/month for a lone license and up to $59/month for 10 users and unlimited deals.   There are no contracts, and all packages come with a 30-day, no-strings-attached free trial.

PipeJump was created by Polish development house and Ruby on Rails lovers, Applicake. They're also responsible for Vzaar, an Ebay video product.

PipeJump has published an ebook of Daily Sales Tips for qualified deals, which you can download for free on their site. These tips are compiled from daily tweets (@DailySalesTips), but it's nice to have them all in the PDF format.


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