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Posted by maggie.hunsucker March 11, 2009


If you’re in sales, you probably use some kind of CRM tool to manage your sales pipeline and contact list.  However, what’s often missing is the R part – relationship. What about all of those contacts and potential buyers that you just want to stay in touch with, so that you and your brand are in mind when your buyer is in “the zone”?

You can use the Stay in Touch app for iPod Touch or iPhone to do just that – stay in touch.  This little app goes a long way in helping you maintain your business relationships.    It clones the look and feel of the iPhone’s existing contact list and imports all your information.   However, when you click (technically, touch) a contact’s name, you have the option of setting a reminder – weekly, fortnightly (i.e. biweekly), monthly, 3 months, 6 months, etc – which will come up randomly and prompt you to followup with a contact.   And because it’s an iPhone, you can either call or email that contact directly from your device.

stay-in-touch-screen-1 stay-in-touch-screen-2

The genius behind the Stay in Touch app is it isn’t designed to be a calendar or appointment system.   It’s a general reminder that pops up from time to time, suggesting a customer or contact followup.   You can just as easily ignore it, but obviously, the idea here is to follow through with as many as you can, maintaining an on-going dialogue with all the people in your network – not just the ones your happen to remember.

There is a lot of variety and scope in the iTunes App store, and just as the commercial states, "there's an app for that". While it's certainly not an easy road (we can attest after developing the Mission Zero app), developers can download the iPhone SDK (Software Development Kit) for free and try their hand at developing their own app.

Few deals close overnight. In fact, most successful business relationships are built over time. Platforms like Salesforce and Highrise are designed around this fact, cataloging conversations, correspondences, and "opportunities" throughout your relationship with a potential buyer.


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