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Posted by maggie.hunsucker March 5, 2009


What if you could take the the most relevant information from across your enterprise (the company, not the ship) and create one dashboard with all of your key metrics?

That’s the idea behind youcalc, an analytics application that connects your existing on-demand systems, giving you a single screen for your sales pipeline, revenue forecasting, and even, your web analytics.   Youcalc works with Highrise, Salesforce, Google Adwords, and more.  There is no complex setup; choose your apps from the youcalc library, plug in your account information, and choose how and where you want your dashboard to appear.   You can utilize your Salesforce account, view from a web browser, or embed a widget in iGoogle or an external website.

The benefit, besides consolidation and access, is that a company can take all of its data into account and make more informed decisions about marketing investments and manpower.   You can compare actual sales vs. quotas, revenue forecasts vs. previous year sales, weigh certain metrics, set benchmarks for team members, and even drill down and track individual sales efforts (e.g. number of sales calls, deals closed).   Youcalc intermingles your data in easy-to-interpret charts and graphs, highlighting areas of concern and possible solutions.

Youcalc charges a monthly user fee of $19.95, but you can test-drive the product for free for 30 days or try their free account, which gives you access to all the free apps in the youcalc library and grants you one user license.

Youcalc members can modify existing apps or create new ones all together. The service claims you don't have to be a developer to create a custom app (zero code, drag and drop), but we recommend a certain level of technical expertise before diving in, if not the help of a professional.

If you want to know where your sales are coming from (and how to improve your return on marketing investment), you need to keep a sharp eye on every dollar. If you need to know more about ROMI, be sure to check out the ROMI specialists at Marketing NPV. They've a ton of great information available for your perusal.


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