Ebb and Flow Wrangle project-related conversations, files, and comments with Shareflow

Posted by maggie.hunsucker July 27, 2009

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Email is not the best tool for project management.   It’s near impossible to thread together conversations, timelines, and files from an inbox.  There’s also the issue of addressing/copying/forwarding/replying to all team members and hoping they are doing the same.

If the details are getting lost in transit, a tool like Shareflow might be handy.  Shareflow is a web-based conversation organizer.   It gives your team a central location and easy way to post project messages, files, and comments.   It’s not a project management tool per se, but it can be used to streamline project-relevant conversations.  For example, if Joe messages Mary under a project “flow” (instead of emailing her), the whole team can see his message.  They can also access any images, video, or documents that have been posted with the message, and use the posting timeline to figure out what stage the project is at.

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Shareflow comes with some nice tools that make adopting the service/weening your employees off email a little less painful.   Each project flow comes with a default email address, so you can send a message, file, or video to the conversation space or forward an existing email from another person.  There is a bookmarklet that lets you grab web content and post it to your flow. You can also opt-in to receive a daily digest of your flow activity or access the Shareflow site via your iPhone or Blackberry.

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There are different Shareflow packages, depending on your needs.  The free version gives you 25MB of storage, 5 flows, and unlimited users.  The Premium package is 30 GB of storage and unlimited flows, but it will run you $80/month.   Once you’ve created an account, you can set-up individual flows and invite team members to join.

Shareflow uses iPaper to let members preview project documents online. You can also download the origional to your desktop to save/edit.

Shareflow has already drawn comparisons (and major flack) to Google Wave. "Flows" and "Waves" are quite similar, although Google Wave promises more features and functionality (e.g. chat client, real-time document collaboration, and seamless integration with other Google products). Again, Shareflow is all about the conversation, and it's an option that is available now.


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  1. Thanks for the tip - I'll definitely check this out. At first glance, it appears that Google Wave (http://wave.google.com/) may become a tsunami that destroys ShareFlow. Creative destruction, indeed! Rockhopper posted on

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