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Posted by tom klein September 23, 2008

Despite the accessibility and functionality of web-based presentation solutions (as we discussed in Start from one & Here come the Jin), most people are hesitant to abandon their antiquated desktop software.

Well, what if someone sweetened the pot?

Now you can measure the effectiveness of your presentation with SlideRocket. SlideRocket is an online (and offline) presentation software that provides detailed analytics on your presentation’s performance. See what slides received the most attention, who viewed it, and how long they lingered there. Monitor interactions with embedded media, links, and form submissions, then organize all your data with SlideRocket’s custom reporting tools.

You can choose from a virtual library of themes and layouts or create a dynamic presentation with YouTube and Flickr content integration. You can even add data from outside sources like Google Spreadsheets. Once you are finished, you can publish your presentation to a url or embed it in a website. SlideRocket gives you the option of password-protecting your presentation or limiting user capabilities like printing and forwarding.

With more functionality (and let’s be honest, more fun) than its competitors, this tools lets you make presentations that command attention . . . and maybe a few sales.

SlideRocket gives you the functionality to present your work in multi-party web meeting - no Webex or software downloads required. You can send invites, manage participants and online chats, as well as run full-motion video.

When it comes to web-applications, accessibility may be the winning benefit. With SlideRocket, you (and your audience) can access your presentation from any location, and thanks to version-control measures, there is no fear that another team member will undo your work.



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