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Posted by tom klein September 10, 2008

Do you rely on more than one computer to conduct business? You might have a desktop computer in the office (… and one at home), a laptop for the road, and a mobile device holstered at your side. Question is – in all this madness, how do you, well, collaborate with yourself?

The folks at Docstoc have you covered. The Docstoc Sync application lets you upload and sync all your documents, across multiple computers, to a single location. Sync builds on Docstoc MyDocs, an online folder system for storing and previewing documents (.doc, .xls, .ppt., .pdf). With MyDoc, you have the ability to make documents private (only accessible by you) or publish them to the public. Sync takes it a step further – it automatically uploads and syncs your documents for you.

To get started, sign up for a free Docstoc account, then download the Sync application to your computer(s). Docstoc will ask you to choose how your documents are uploaded and stored to your account. You can publish or privatize everything Sync grabs. Once set-up, simply drag and drop documents to your DocStoc MyDocs folder on your desktop. Or, you can specify certain directories and folders on your computer, and DocStoc will regularly sync those files for you.

So, how does this help you sell? Once you’re synched up, you can then share your documents. Instead of condemning sales documents to your hard drive, you can now use DocStoc to promote your capabilities, because shared documents are indexed, searchable, and of course findable by potential customers.

With Docstoc, you can generate an embed code and place any of the documents uploaded to your Docstoc account on your website or blog. For those looking for a simple solution for the dreaded PDF file download, consider using Docstoc. You can easily view PDF documents through DocStoc's flash player.

While it's of course important to keep proprietary information secret, it's likely that your entire sales team is investing a lot of time creating sales documents that never see the light of day. At the very least, they can help improve your search ranking, if not generate real leads.


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