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Posted by tom klein July 24, 2008

What’s the most important marketing decision you’ll ever make? Your brand name. And for that reason, naming is one of the toughest jobs you’ll ever have. Good thing that crowd-sourcing is now available to make it a little bit easier.

You can just turn to namethis, an online naming and decision-making platform from a company called Kluster. Namethis helps companies find 3 market-ready names for their product or service. Each competition costs $99 dollars (mostly compensation for the winners) and lasts 48 hours.

To enter, simply create an account with Kluster and post a short blurb about your product and business. Kluster then invites its community members to submit a name or invest “watts” in names that are or have already been thrown in the hat. Upon sign-up, all Kluster members earn 1000 free watts, which can be distributed over several competitions or (if you are feeling lucky) invested in a single idea.

This model is very similar to logo and web design service, 99Designs, which we discussed in Take that- luftballoons. Both crowd-sourcing platforms offer ideas and inspiration in a pinch and won’t eat into your marketing budget. You may be surprised by what the crowd has in store for your new product.

How much does the winner get? $40 dollars goes to the namer of the first place entry; $10 is shared among the influencers. Second and third place entries earn slightly less.

Some things you should remember when it comes to names. You should try to pick something that's short, easy to spell, easy to say, easy to remember, and, don't forget, for which the web domain is available.


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