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Posted by tom klein August 7, 2007

We’re constantly scouring the web for digital marketing ideas to share. You’re no doubt doing the same for information about your competitors, customers, new products – all related to your business. What good is it if all of this scouring never gets shared?

Google Notebook lets you clip any website and then annotate it with whatever comments you like. Say you find an interesting article, you can clip it, add your two cents (or even long diatribe) by typing directly into the notebook, and then share the whole enchilada. You can create a shared notebook with anyone (who can then add or view anything therein). Did you come across a great, but obscure web article about innovation in your industry? You can just clip it and put it in your shared notebook for your management team to review (instead of filling up everyone’s email inbox).

The best things to read are probably the articles that your friends or colleagues recommend. Why not make it easier for everyone to share, so as to make everyone smarter?

Firefox and Internet Explorer browser users can install a Google Notebook plugin that makes it easy to right click on any website to save (and then annotate) a web page to a specific notebook.

At feed growth! we use Google Notebooks to capture and share potential concepts and inspirations internally, before they’re transformed into ideas like this one. We’ve learned that organizing shared web clips by categories (social networking, mobile, etc.) makes a shared notebook easier and more enjoyable to use.


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