On a clear day Manage marketing workflow with Alfresco

Posted by tom klein January 2, 2008

So often a marketing mistake results from what you could describe as a version control problem. An old version of a marketing item (e.g., a press release) is mistaken for the real version … and trouble ensues. Cringe.

To avoid this kind of problem, consider using the open source (free) content management tool called Alfresco. This system looks like a shared hard drive (what many people use today to share documents). However, you can create rules that are attached to documents. Things like who needs to approve a document for it to move forward. From there, it also automatically manages and tracks versions, so there’s really no risk that people get their hands on the wrong version. By adding workflow to your documents, systems like these can help you create marketing process that keeps things moving smoothly – on-time, and on budget.

While everyone likes to talk strategy, the reality is that getting work done is what occupies most of our time. This may be the key to improving your company’s efficiency.

This system requires significant technical expertise to configure for your company, so we recommend it for larger companies with access to IT capabilities. Alternatively, you can engage Alfresco directly. We will keep looking for entirely web-based systems that offer similar capabilities.

In addition to general tools like this one, there are emerging Enterprise Marketing Management tools that can go even further when it comes to putting marketing execution best practices in place. Stay tuned.


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