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Posted by maggie.hunsucker September 28, 2009

whiteboard capture logoWhiteboards are still the go-to tool for brainstorming sessions.   Even high-tech geeks like us tend to stick with the original (we have three extra large, double-sided whiteboards on wheels). Problem is, there’s no easy way to transfer information from the physical board to your computer.

That’s where the Whiteboard Capture iPhone App comes in.   This handy dandy application lets you take a snapshot of your whiteboard and easily share the images via email.  Granted, you can do this with any digital camera, but Whiteboard Capture removes the legwork and offers up some great editing tools.

For starters, the application automatically removes the glare that results from the whiteboard’s glossy surface.  You can also remove old marker residue and other marring artifacts, which saves you the hassle in Photoshop later.

The result is a clean, print-ready whiteboard image that you can distribute to team members or email to yourself to upload to your own project management/collaboration software.  If you have old whiteboard images stored away on your phone, you can also filter those with Whiteboard Capture.

Bottom line, some tools work better in the analog world.   If you’re office relies on a whiteboard for meetings, sketching, collaboration, etc, here’s an easy and relatively cheap ($1.99/download) way to make that information electronically accessible.

Beetlebug Software is the development company behind Whiteboard Capture. They have another application under their belt, Picture Me, which uses "facial detection" to snap the perfect iPhone photo. Compulsive iPhone self-portrait takers rejoice!

There are a slew of virtual whiteboard applications for your computer and your phone. Popular project management software, Basecamp, comes with a real-time collaboration tool (they just call them Writeboards).


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