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Posted by tom klein May 21, 2008

Even though we all know about webinars, it seems that we’re forever in the position of asking people to react to creative or marketing output. And, one thing everyone agrees on – sending email attachments is definitely not the best way.

Now there’s a very fast and free option called Backboard. It’s the story that we all know – sign up and then either point to or upload an image to review. Then send a note to people so you can get their feedback – essentially comments that sit at the bottom of the page. Feel the need to see an example up close and personal, here’s a Backboard we created for the digital scientists site. Feel free to add your thoughts.

This is a great, fast, free way to get more feedback on your marketing creative. Before you serve up something to your superiors for review, why not use this tool to gather a bit more perspective?

Backboard can gather feedback on documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, WPD, ODT, Text and PDF), images (GIF, JPEG and PNG), web pages or other URLs, and free-form text. If you're looking for help on video, you'll need to look somewhere else (try Videothread in Cock-a-doodle-doo).

Okay, if it takes about 2 minutes to invite someone to provide feedback, there's really no reason for you to guess if your customer will react as you believe to your marketing investments. Now you can have a data-driven perspective - more knowing and less thinking.


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