Is there an I in team? Enable video editing collaboration with Octopz

Posted by tom klein July 13, 2007

Managing the creation of video content can be very frustrating. If you have ever made a TV commercial, you know the challenges of getting high quality input from across the company. Even then, how do you capture the input beyond basic notes?

Navigate your way to Octopz (pronounced “octopus”) and take the tour to see how you might collaborate online. Via a secure online login, you can enter a project space to join your team. When you’re there, you can text, talk, and use streaming video to look at and mark up digital media files with special markup tools. While there are an almost unlimited number of collaboration tools available, what’s different here is the ability to markup and review video files (without requiring a PhD).

The days of hoping that the video guy or the ad agency will make the tweaks that you want are over. Now you can capture your changes in the video document and have a powerful club for making sure that everyone’s aligned on what needs to get done. Also, when you’re working with video, moreso than ever, time is money.

With Octopz, all you need is a browser with flash capabilities. No downloads, no compatibility problems. Compared to traditional web conferencing systems, this system provides more two-way interactivity and is cross-platform, running on Macs, PCs and Linux. This can be important when you’re trying to get people around the globe to buy in and sign off.

Teamwork is work. No doubt about it. What’s special here is the ability to create a high quality output . . . fast! When you are editing your video content (or flash or animation - whatever it may be), remember to highlight your unique brand benefits - don’t be tempted by the ability to entertain, if it’s at the expense of getting your real message across.


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