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Posted by tom klein August 5, 2008

Online project management systems work when everyone is on board. Most are lonely places because team members avoid using them. There’s always a foreign URL to remember and a fear of sensitive data floating around cyberspace.

Allay those fears by using the ActiveCollab project management system. ActiveCollab can be integrated with your current website and styled to blend seamlessly with your company’s visual identity. You retain full control of your data because the platform and files are hosted on your server. You can even integrate plugins to introduce additional functionality and tailor the look and feel of the system to your needs.

ActiveCollab comes with the standard project management fare- file management, project templates, discussions, milestones, and checklists. The Small Business package runs $199/year (with a a free year of support), while the Corporate package runs $399 and includes time-tracking tools and calendars. Both packages allow you full access over permission levels and the ability to assign tasks to individual team members and set urgency levels.

A limited demo is available for free on the ActiveCollab website (a more advanced, hosted trial will set you back $10). Give it a test drive. You may find that managing your project management system is easier when it’s on home turf.

ActiveCollab is a modular system, meaning it can be easily altered. Developers are free to create and sell modules that integrate with the ActiveCollab API. Check out the downloads section to see what is currently available.

Accessibility is ActiveCollab's main selling point. If you can get to your website, you can get to your projects. And for the true road warrior, ActiveCollab just released a mobile-friendly interface, with iPhone support.


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  1. I believe that there is till no winner in the online project management tool space, I've recentely tested for my company and it really has a feature set that i haven't seen in any other online project management tool. They have a chance to bite the share of the market if they'll continue at this pace. Godzhesas posted on

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