Free beer! Jump-start your forum with content from ForumsFirst

Posted by tom klein June 17, 2008

The saddest place on the web? The beautifully styled but totally empty forum. It’s the stark reminder that so often, if you build it, they won’t come.

Now you have an option – try kick-starting your site discussion forum with a paid posting service like ForumsFirst. Their stable of professional writers produce blog commentary and discussion threads on-demand and tailor-made to your website or blog. ForumsFirst offers a variety of reasonable content packages. For those who want to dip their toes in water, a trial blog package only costs $5. You get 12 comments, a minimum of 40 words each, from two registered users. Ready to dive in? The Jumbo package will set you back $225 for 750 comments, from 10-12 registered users, over the course of 15 weeks.

ForumsFirst also offers bookmarking services. For $20, they will add your website or blog to del.ic.ious and other top bookmarking sites. Search engines like Google and Yahoo rely on social bookmarking sites for their vast catalog of user-approved urls. In other words, the more links your site has on del.ic.ious, the better your site will rank in organic search.

If your visitors currently hear crickets when they visit your forum, here’s how to get the party started.

There's no technical secret when it comes to using writers to jump-start a forum. However, you might consider other options, such as prizes or contests or just plain old provocation to get people to visit your forum.

While services like this one can help you generate some content, don't forget that you can always just use your own employees, friends, mother-in-law, or even people that you run into. The rule remains the same - the best restaurants are the ones with people in them.



2 Comments on “Jump-start your forum with content from ForumsFirst”

  1. This feels somehow can I [as a visitor to your site] distinguish between 'paid' [forumsfirst] content and 'organic' [real visitor] content. I don't think that copywritten content and user-generated content should be confused as the same thing. I understand the need to kickstart a site with content, but this feels like we are blurring the lines here in an uncomfortable way. Sorry to be debbie downer... Bob posted on
  2. Debbie Downer, there's nothing uncomfortable here. The whole point is that you're not supposed to be able to distinguish between the paid and real content. That is why it's so effective in helping a website started. And of course, the ForumFirst would be scrapped after the new website got up on it's legs and started walking. Rangoon posted on

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