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Posted by tom klein June 30, 2008

As with so many web-based applications, we wonder how we ever got things done before their existence. Trying to manage and juggle multiple projects without a tool like Liquid Planner or 37 Signal’s Basecamp at our disposal would be a nightmare. But, face it, we are all greedy and want more- more functionality, better interfaces, and the ability to prioritize.

So who does all this? Well, actually, WhoDoes does. WhoDoes2.0 is the latest version of of the collaborative project management system from Like its peers, WhoDoes lets you organize and manage the myriad of activities, dates, and people connected to a project. But WhoDoes has a few more tricks up its sleeve:

  • My Workspace is the ultimate to-do list, providing a daily overview of your tasks and deliverables, with a distributional activities calendar that gives you long-term project visibility.
  • The Fast Planning feature will help you keep your project on track. This simple drag-and-drop assignment system lets you assign due dates and priority levels to each individual task.
  • No more runaway budgets! WhoDoes lets you put billable time restraints on the whole project or specific tasks, so you know exactly where your budget stands as team members enter time against it.

With reasonable monthly fees and a free 30-day trial, WhoDoes offers plan levels and packages for everyone. If you are looking for a project solution, try it on for size.

For all you Mac users, another reason to consider WhoDoes- it can interface and sync with your iCal app, letting you integrate project activities with your personal agendas.

Most project management systems don't give you the ability to prioritize tasks and directly tie them to deliverables. With WhoDoes, projects have clear objectives and due dates, so there's no guesswork involved or *gulp* self-prioritizing.


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