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Posted by tom klein November 5, 2007

Making things happen can be tough enough when you’re with your team and can have ad hoc conversations to keep everything moving forward. Then, you have to go on the road and everything falls apart.

Now you have a way to collaborate even when you’re on the road, thanks to Google Docs going mobile. As even the Apple website explains, now you can view your [Google] documents from anywhere on your iPhone. First, you’ll need to get your team to use Google Docs as the vehicle for sharing information. Or, see where we mentioned in Close the loop how you can use it for an inexpensive CRM system. Then, all you need to do is visit your docs using your iPhone and you’ll be able to see what’s been posted. From there, you can then track any changes over time.

These are the early days when it comes to moving office documents (and their creation and tracking) online. However, this trend is accelerating and we’ll no doubt wonder some day what we used to do when everything was trapped on our hard drive.

As you’ll see in this YouTube video, the mobile access is currently read only, meaning that you’ll be able to see and track what’s happened to online documents, but not actually change them. Look for capabilities to expand over time.

So much of leading and managing is having access and visibility to information, not necessarily creating it. It’s hard to even understand what benefits are possible with sharing tools like Google Docs until you experiment. Have you gotten started?


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