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Posted by maggie.hunsucker February 23, 2009

crowdspring-logoDesign-related crowdsourcing may seem like a saturated market, but if the whole idea is the more the merrier, one more contest service can’t hurt.

Consider using CrowdSpring for your next creative project.   CrowdSpring is similar to 99 Designs, a service we discussed in Take that- Luftballoons, but buyers have more control over the contest parameters – like reward money and duration – and receive a protection plan of sorts that includes a money-back guarantee (at least 25 entries per contest), a secure escrow service, digital watermarking, and a legally binding intellectual property contract.   The service also offers feedback mechanisms, so you can tell the community about your experience or do your homework before committing to a specific designer.

To create a contest on the site, sign-up for a free account and let CrowdSpring walk you through the setup.  You will be asked to submit a project brief, where you tell the design community about your creative needs, your target audience, and designs you like. If you wish, you can upload files that will aid in the design process (e.g. your company’s logo or existing marketing materials).   The only thing left to do is establish prize money amounts and contest duration.   The average CrowdSpring contest generates 68 design entries and with a community of creatives that is 15,000 strong, you should see a healthy return on your investment.


While we really like is Crowdspring’s buyer slant, we’re big fans of crowdsourcing services in general. They give you the opportunity to tap endless creative resources, but only pay for what you really want.

Creatives looking to line their pockets can stay on top of CrowdSpring competitions by subscribing to category-specific RSS feeds, which are broken down into 3 main categories - Graphic Design, Website Design, and Photography - then further divided into individual competitions like logos, site design, banner ads, etc.

Crowdsourcing has been popularized by publications like Wired magazine for its low-cost, comparative model. The concept lends itself to many applications and market segments. Innocentive, a biomedical and pharmaceutical solutions broker, matches "Seekers" and "Solvers" for industry-relevant research and development challenges.


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