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Posted by maggie.hunsucker July 31, 2009

Feed Growth! readers may recall Check My Bait, a feedback mechanism for marketing investments (e.g. display ads, search ads, websites, etc) that we rolled out in ‘08.  Sadly, we neglected the feature, and the bait is now on someone else’s hook.

Concept Feedback, like Check My Bait, is a feedback tool for marketers and designers.   People post their concepts for websites, advertisements, posters, Flash designs, portfolios, etc, and a community of like-minded professionals weigh in.  Unlike Check My Bait, Concept Feedback has built a whole community around the feedback process.  Each concept is voted on for Originality, Engagement, Purpose, and Design through a simple 5-star system.  Reviewers can also leave text feedback, offering criticism/praise, suggestions, or new design directions. The Submitters can start a dialogue with the reviewer or take the feedback and run with it.

concept feedback screenshot
Concept Feedback operates on a Reputation system.   Basically, the more you post and review, the more “feedback cred” you have.  Your Reputation is also influenced by others voting on your review, your concept being favorited, and so on.

Concept Feedback is a free service and a rather quick and painless sign-up.  You can browse for concepts by Category, User, or filter by Newest, Active, Popular, or UnReviewed.  The site is already hopping with a fair amount of activity, and it appears that reviewers are making honest and useful comments. If you’re looking to test the waters before you attach your name and reputation to a design concept or marketing idea, give Concept Feedback a try.

Want to keep a constant eye on the creative flowing through Concept Feedback? Sign up for the RSS feed.

You can invite friends to join Content Feedback and get more "Reputation" (not sure why I keep putting in quotations, but I'm running with it). They'll also automatically become contacts in your profile.


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