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Posted by maggie.hunsucker April 9, 2009

With so many media types – webpages, audio, video, etc. – why is presentation software so behind the curve?   Why show a screengrab when you can show the actual webpage?  Why explain with drab text when you can layer a voice recording over your presentation?

That’s the idea behind Flowgram, an interactive presentation software that lets you incorporate a little bit of everything and mix-master it from a web-based interface.   Here’s the quick run down of what you can include in your presentations:

•    Webpages
•    Photos
•    Background Audio
•    RSS
•    Photos from Flickr, Facebook, & Picassa
•    Recorded Narration
•    Microsoft docs, including PowerPoint

You upload each as an element of your presentation, arranging and editing as you go.  You can create custom pages to fill in the holes or create transitions, as well as highlight text in documents or on webpages to draw the viewers eye to an important selection.  When you’re done, just tell Flowgram how you intend to share your presentation – you can make it a public document on Flowgram, embed it in your website, email it, upload to YouTube, or publish it directly to your blogging or social platform of choice. Whew.

Check out the Flowgram we created to demo the new version 1.5 of the Mission Zero iPhone App:

If you’ve ever sat through a boring PowerPoint presentation or lackluster demo, then you understand that a little rich media can go a long way.  If webpages are an integral part of your presentation, this is the tool for you.

Flowgram also offers a bookmarklet tool, so you can gather presentation elements as you surf the web. Simply drag and drop the bookmarklet tool to your browser toolbar, and you are good to go.

Flowgram comes with a built-in community, so you can make your presentations public and distribute them across the network. From the homepage, you can view Newest, Features, Top Rated, and the Most Discussed Flowgrams.


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