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Posted by tom klein October 7, 2008

Thanks to web 2.0 technologies, we’ve seen the evolution of the lowly business presentation. It’s important to remember that a good presentation is often the product of a good presenter.

Consider broadcasting your presentation content AND your presenter with a service called BrightTALK. BrightTALK’s webcasting platform offers simple solutions for businesses looking to create live, interactive webcasts. The Starter Channel package is free and comes with six, 30-minute audio webcast slots (per channel) and unlimited audience views. You can enhance your webcast with PowerPoint presentation slides, polling capabilities, and feedback. Each webcast is recorded and archived on your personal BrightTALK channel, which means you can direct people to previously recorded materials and easily embed your webcast on your website or blog. If you need more space or more capabilities (video anyone?), simply pull out your credit card and upgrade your package.

Getting started with a BrightTALK Starter Channel is easy. First, register with the BrightTALK network and create your branded channel. Then, create your webcast topic and provide presentation details like the date, time, and duration. Be sure to tag your webcast just as you would you blog content. BrightTALK uses these tags to make your webcast searchable and promote it to audiences across its network. Next, upload your webcast materials (e.g. your PowerPoint slides or polling questions) and dial into your webcast as you would a conference call. Once the webcast begins, audiences are able to view a central presentation screen (controllable by you, the administrator) and can hear your audio commentary as it broadcasts over the internet.

Bottom line, BrightTALK is a great resource for creating live, interactive presentations (or training materials, demos, sales pieces, whatever). . . with an excellent price tag.

On top of all the other goodies, BrightTALK throws in free analytics tools to help you measure attendance and audience participation levels of your webcasts.

Part of the beauty of BrightTALK is that the service opens up its network to free participants and helps them promote their content. While it's up to you to engage webcast audiences while you have them, it doesn't hurt that BrightTALK is driving some leads your way.


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