Choosy mothers Draw and share web interface diagrams online with Gliffy

Posted by tom klein December 11, 2007

One of the first steps in modern web design involves getting customers or users to react to a wireframe diagram. Don’t make the mistake of jumping right into fancy graphics and animation when what you really need to align on is the basic layout and flow.

Now you can create and even collaborate on wireframe diagrams for your web site using the diagramming tool called Gliffy. Sign up for a free account, choose the wireframe option, and then you have access to drag and drop tools to develop your own wireframe diagram. Once you’ve created a diagram, adding a dropdown here or a text box there, you can then invite others to view it, or even invite others to come work on the diagram with you.

Now you can use free online tools to design the optimal user experience … maybe even sharing the task with some of your best customers.

Gliffy lets you save your diagram in accessible formats like .JPG or .PNG, so importing into documents or spreadsheets or embedding your image into your wiki or blog is no problem.

It’s so much easier to test out wireframes with customers or website users because it’s so easy to just make changes and keep going. People are just always going to be hesitant to make changes or propose entirely new functionality if they’re presented with a done deal versus a simple diagram.



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