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Posted by tom klein April 15, 2008

While just about everyone uses “mother-in-law” research to get a read on marketing investments, you need to go further. But how can you avoid the expense and the bias of professional focus group attendees?

Try inviting a small number of customers to review your marketing tactics using Stixy. It’s a free, web-based bulletin board that that makes sharing photos and notes a snap. Stixy houses a number of widgets in a single, browser-based desktop and is extremely easy to use. Click on “new stixyboard” to get started, then choose the widget (notes, photos, documents, or todo’s) you want to use in the project space. There are no layout restrictions, you can drag and drop just about anything. You can simply upload an image of one of your products, whether it’s a sandwich or a motorcycle. Then, just invite a few customers to review.

The classic problem in marketing research is figuring out what questions to ask. This vehicle lets you give your customers an unstructured way to think about or react to an existing or new product. Don’t worry, your customers won’t bite.

This isn’t your every day nerd-o-rama. Stixy was designed specifically for folks of limited tech savvy. If you can write a simple email, you can add content to a stixy. In other words, your customers won’t be overwhelmed.

When it comes to marketing research, you’re always faced with the tradeoff between time and expense. What is it worth to have a piece of data that would help you add a feature here or more functionality there. Instant, online, collaborative tools like this can help anyone gather more data - regardless of constraints.


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