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Posted by maggie.hunsucker February 10, 2009

skitch-logoWe frequently cover tools that make the collaborative process possible. Sometimes, like today, we have the chance to discuss something that we know and use just about every day.

That tool is Skitch.  Skitch lets you grab photos or images online, edit or annotate them, then easily share them through your email and chat, or publish them on a web page or blog.  In other words, no need to waste your precious time or energy trying to communicate what you really want to illustrate.

To get started, download the Skitch application and sign up for an account.  While Skitch is free, only users with a Mac operating system can use the service (sorry, PC’s).   When launched, Skitch appears as a small application window. From here, you can snap screenshots of your browser or take a webcam picture, then use Skitch’s mini arsenal of editing tools to draw on or resize your image.   When you are finished, push save and Skitch will upload your image to your personal Skitch page.  You can share this url with people, drag and drop the image into your email or text editor, or generate an embed code for your web site or blog.   All in all, the process takes 10 seconds.

Check out my Skitch below:


While Skitch is just plain fun to mess around with, it’s a great tool for communicating with your colleagues, especially when you’re editing just about any kind of marketing or selling materials.   In today’s digital landscape, team members often live in different cities (or countries).  Tools like Skitch make it possible to share your work, and perhaps more importantly, point to exactly what you want others to see.

Listen up Twitterheads! You can even sync your Skitch and Twitter account so that every time you save an image to Skitch, it automatically publishes to your Twitter page - making it, perhaps, an even better way of telling everyone what you are doing.

Skitch is like a screenshot on crack (for lack of better terminology). It lets you take a snapshot of what you are working on or viewing, comment directly on the image, then instantly share with anyone and everyone. The same process would require you to take a screenshot, convert the .png file, annotate with a photo editor or drawing application, save, then attach to an email or upload to your site.


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