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Posted by tom klein April 24, 2008

While so many people recognize the power of Digg when it comes to getting people to “vote” on what articles are the ones that you can’t miss. If only it were so easy to have customers, employees, stockholders or just about anyone vote on innovation ideas.

You guessed it. There’s a similar solution that’s still in beta called IdeaScale. It was developed to help people use crowd sourcing to identify and rate innovation ideas. You can signup, create your own Ideascale, even add your logo. Then, you just invite potential participants and ask them to join in the fun. Participants can vote on existing ideas (either promoting them or demoting the dogs), or, alternatively, create their own to be judged by everyone else.

If you’re looking for input on just about anything, with something of a free form approach, here’s your chance. The system is free for now, but likely to not be so cheap after it emerges from beta. Jump in and see what you can learn.

This system is quite similar to sites like Ideastorm used by Dell or even the new idea generation site used by Starbucks (mystarbucksidea). If Starbucks is looking at tools like this to drive innovation, don’t you think that you should at least kick the tires?

You can say it all sorts of ways, but it seems that the best ideas come from everywhere. Do your new product development folks a favor and open up the idea pipeline to your customers, sales people, your suppliers, or just about anyone. You really have just about nothing to lose.


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