With bated breath Blog your PR events as they happen with Cover it Live

Posted by tom klein January 24, 2008

With so many budding blog journalists and near universal (okay, getting nearer) wi-fi access, the old idea of seeing something and calling it in later is passé. These days, when you want to communicate the excitement of an event, you don’t want to wait for it to be over.

Now you can report what’s happening at your events as they unfold, using Cover it Live. When you use this system, your live blog is displayed in a viewer window. Anyone who visits your blog can watch your minute-by-minute reportage, and can even send in comments. Once you sign for this free service, you simply embed a code for a live blog into your blogging system. You can do this in under five minutes. All text, polls, video, images and everything else you do in your live blog occurs in the viewer window instead of scrolling. It becomes your “live” window on your existing blog.

With so much effort going into public relations and events, why not turn your employees (or daresay folks who had to be there to set things up) into helpful reporters who can bring the excitement right to your site’s front page (assuming they know how to spell). Given that it’s free, what do you have to lose?

This software is built with AJAX (which lets it work without requiring reloading of pages). It can work for a blog with twenty readers or a much larger property with hundreds of thousands of readers.

There’s buzz marketing, buzz events, press conferences, event sponsorship, sales meetings, incentive trips, and so much more. All in search of some excitement. Keeping customers in the fold means keeping them excited about something - here’s an easy way that you could use … today.


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