Wash, dry, and fold Optimize your website content placement with Foldspy

Posted by tom klein October 1, 2007

Some old media lessons still apply. Because most newspapers are (or were) delivered and displayed to customers folded up, anything that’s particularly important, newsworthy, or likely to drive sales is put on the top half of the front page. Literally, what’s important goes above the fold.

Make sure that your website applies this same basic lesson with FoldSpy. The system will show you what percentage of any page on your site appears above the fold. In this way, you can make sure that you’re not making people scroll, if they don’t need to. As you no doubt know by now, you shouldn’t make your prospects work hard to learn about you. Identify your site, put the tracking code on your site, then go to the analysis page.

You can then move the viewable sections around to see what percentage of the page visitors can see. Get the overview in this handy demo/tour. Where’s your selling content – above or below the fold?

Because of the vast number of different browsers, operating systems, screen sizes and user preferences, a visitor to your site doesn’t necessarily see what you see. This tool will help you understand the trade-offs between design decisions and optimization for certain types of users.

As with everything you do, the smarter you are about your target, the more focused you can be on the parameters of your site. With user experience tools (as we mentioned in Big Brother is Watching), you can learn your target’s preferences, and then make sure your site is designed appropriately.


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