Strike that, reverse it Send a self-destructing promotion with BigString

Posted by tom klein August 15, 2007

In Mission Impossible, it paid to pay attention to the audio instructions because you knew that the tape was going to self-destruct. It’s a simple theatrical device, but it sure does a good job of getting you to pay attention.

BigString can let you do the same thing with self-destructing emails. Whether you’re sending text or video, you have the power to send, recall, erase, self-destruct and modify an email after it has been sent. The idea here is to give your email marketing efforts a sense of urgency that’s a bit more dramatic than putting a date stamp on a coupon that you print out.

Sometimes the simplest promotional ideas are the best. Given how jaded everyone has become about emails (except about this one, of course), why not consider using this attention-getting device to break through the clutter?

BigString is able to let users exercise control over video emails because it embeds its own video viewer. Videos that are sent can be restricted to prevent forwarding, to self-destruct, or to simply prevent saving on a viewer’s computer.

Almost every category can use a little excitement.  Consider how you can use the newness of the self-destructing feature to get your customers to forward an email that they would normally ignore.


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