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Posted by maggie.hunsucker July 20, 2009

sharein_logoWe’ve always got an eye out for services that streamline the process of collecting, categorizing, and sharing information online.  Throw in the fact that you can do it all from your browser, and we’re sold.

Sharein is a free bookmarking tool that reduces the time and steps it takes to share links via email, Twitter, and Facebook.

When you find a news article, video, or tidbit of info you want to share, simply launch the Sharein bookmarklet, and choose a service.  If you want to tweet the link, choose Twitter.  If you want to email it to a specific person/people, choose the email option.  Sharein automatically fills in the Title and Description of the article.  All you really have to do is select your audience and hit the send button.   You can also use Sharein to bookmark, tag, and star links for later use.

Sharein Screen

Everything you share through the bookmarklet is accessible – and measurable – in your personal Sharein account. The newsfeed gives you an overview of all the interactions surrounding your content.  You can see the number of views and re-shares for each link, and within Twitter, the number of people who retweeted and/or emailed each link.  If you’re looking for an easy way to measure the reach of your Twitter tweets, this is a great tool for seeing how popular your content is and just how far it goes.

Sharein is also great for segmenting content by audience.   There are certain things that I run across and find interesting, but I don’t necessarily want to broadcast to the world.  On the other hand, why bother emailing everyone in my address book when I can kill all birds with one stone and publish the link through Facebook or Twitter?

You can import your Gmail, Yahoo, and Windows Live contact lists into your Sharein account. From there, you can create "circles of friends" or email groups to send content to selected friends, family, coworkers or customers (which is accessible through the bookmarklet).

Bookmarking services are no longer just tools of convenience. Both Digg and Twitter have emerged as breaking news sources and marketing vehicles - all because of the power of the simple link.


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