Revenge of the napkin Stand out with illustration, capture it with ScanR

Posted by tom klein September 17, 2007

One of the key levers of marketing can be boiled down to a simple idea: be different. Unless you can distinguish yourself in some way, you’re not likely to break through the clutter. While everyone has access to color printers and fancy fonts, sometimes a good way to stand out or just get the point across is to rely on hand drawings. Exhibit number one: the Stanford School of Design’s manifesto on a napkin.

If you’re looking to capture a drawing that you want to convert or share with your customers, try ScanR. It can change handwritten notes into digital copies that you can store, fax, email or publish. The system doesn’t just turn your photo into a PDF, it turns it into a clearer, easier to read version that’s ready to share.

Whether you’re creating a sales document or selling materials, consider using hand drawings to stand out and to get your point across.

We uploaded a whiteboard scribble to ScanR and were impressed with its ability to clean it up (even a somewhat dark and blurry photo). ScanR requires a relatively large photo, so you may need to scale your standard photo to meet the size requirement.

We’re obviously big fans of hand drawings as you have no doubt noticed. If you’re looking for an illustrator who can turn an ordinary document into something extraordinary, contact John Nelson and tell him we sent you. You’ll be surprised how little effort it requires to make something really special.


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