Don't we all love to shop? Photoshop your brand images online with Photoshop Express

Posted by tom klein June 2, 2008

While it’s great to have access to brilliant designers, you don’t always have that luxury. No matter what size your brand or company, if you’re like most marketers, you’ll always want to make your marketing materials or images just look a little bit better.

Now you can. Just get your hands on an easy to use, online version of Photoshop, aptly named Photoshop Express. You can upload an image, tweak it, resize, change the colors, convert it to a cartoon, and maybe even add your watermark. It’s a skinny web-based version of the nearly overwhelming (both in complexity and price) original desktop application. In other words, you don’t have to be a design rocket scientist to use it.

Once you upload and change your photos, you can store up to 2 Gigabytes of images. All for free.

And that's not all. This system also lets you create your own image exhibit and let people play and interact with it. You can display your images in 3D or as a grid - all to the delight of your viewers.

Remember that your images aren't just viewed on your site. Thanks to extensive image search tools, from all the big guys, web users are looking for and finding your images without any of the surrounding text. Make sure they show up with your brand mark included by adding your logo with this simple tool.


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