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Posted by tom klein May 27, 2008

Blogging is a lot like brushing your teeth – the benefits accrue from both repetition and consistency. We’ve all seen those lonely company or brand blogs out there – with the sad little post every few months.

Now the line from a creative spark to a new blog post just got shorter, with ScribeFire. Say you’ve just come across an interesting article somewhere and you want to add it, along with your comments, to your blog. All you need to do is choose an icon on the bottom of your Firefox browser (sorry IE users, now’s the time to think about Firefox) and up flips a nice text entry tool. Create your blog entry (pick your category, link to prior posts) and post right there on the spot.

No more months between blog posts, please.

ScribeFire works with most of the major blogging service (Wordpress, LiveJournal), and importantly the platforms like Wordpress, Blogger, and Movable Type. It takes about 2 minutes to configure.

Your customers are looking to know as much as they can about your brand, your people, your service - just about anything. Your blog is likely your fastest and most efficient way to give them what they're looking for - all available by RSS feed, too.


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