One at a time, please Inspire a richer B2B relationship with Pluck’s Blogburst

Posted by tom klein January 8, 2008

If you sell to other businesses, then you know how tough it is to get anywhere with a purchasing department. It can seem that nothing matters beyond price and on-time delivery. Maybe there’s something to be learned from the blog world.

Consider Pluck’s BlogBurst – a blog content syndication service that works with media companies to integrate blog content. This site lets media companies create separate blog content sections (such as this eco oriented area for the Washington Post). Once configured, this system can continuously feed handpicked content from BlogBurst’s network of bloggers. Put simply, this system turns blogs into the equivalent of a press wire, like AP or UPI.

If you are a chemical company with an army of chemists, here’s how you can be more than rail cars at the plant. Induce employees deep inside your company with valuable, but hard to access, skills to find their own blog voice. Then pull them together in a publication that can be served to your customers. As venerable publications have learned, people want to read blog content. Turning employees into bloggers may be a way to get past purchasing’s pointy pencil.

Pluck adds value to the network of bloggers by evaluating each blog for quality and relevancy, ensuring that the blogger’s format will work in the network, and assigning ratings to each blog to ensure that what sells is what gets seen.

It’s a well-known cycle. The old boy network stops working. Offshore options surface to put pressure on price. Is there any way to avoid the downward profit spiral of commoditization? Try democratizing and evangelizing the intelligence from across the company to make it easier for buyers to make up their minds and buy.


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